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Harvest of 2023-24 Main Cocoa Begins In Osun

Cocoa traders in Osun State on Wednesday said harvesting of the main cocoa crop for the 2023-24 season has started in the state.

It was  learnt that the state is the third-largest cocoa producer in Nigeria.

According to Wahab Bello, , a cocoa merchant in the Ile-Ife,

“The new crop is coming out of the farms on a small scale but the yield is expected to rise at the end of the month”

Bello added that the recent rainfall helped the development of the cocoa which has bigger beans and weighs more than the midcrop cocoa farmers harvested last month.

More rainfall is expected in the southwest in September and October. Harvest of the main crop usually ends in February but can run until March if there is a prolonged rainy season and a good climate.

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