If You Want A Wife That Cooks Like Your Mother, Marry Your Mother – Pastor Yemi Davids

Pastor Yemi Davids of the Global Impact Church Tuesday, admonished people who compare their spouses to their parents saying if they want a spouse like their parents, they should marry their parents.

Davids, while addressing his congregation at the Lagos headquarters of his church, said: “Your wife doesn’t have to cook like your mum; if you want someone that can cook like your mum, marry your mum.

“Your husband doesn’t have to be as rich as your dad, yes o, we are a work in progress.”

Davids continued his teaching, mimicking women who pressurise their husbands for a more cushioned lifestyle.

“When are we going to buy our second car? When are we changing the fridge,’ Davids continued to mimic as the congregation continued to cheer.

“Calm down, maybe your dad was stealing money, we don’t know, maybe, but don’t put pressure on people.”



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