Spider Capable Of Causing Permanent Arousal In Men Spotted In Australian Supermarket

A Brazilian wandering spider, also known as the Banana spider capable of causing permanent erection in men, has been spotted in a supermarket in Australia.

The supermarket located in Krems an der Donau, has remained closed since Tuesday following an evacuation and an exterminator called in.

Authorities also confirm that banana packages have been sealed and the store closed, since Tuesday, Dailymail reports.

The venomous four-inch black and red spider is believed to have travelled to Europe hiding in packages of bananas.

A spokesman for the Rewe retail group, confirming the incident, said that ‘comprehensive cleaning and disinfection measures’ are ongoing for the reopening of the store sometime next week.

Authorities have also disclosed that: ‘Despite an extensive search, no spiders have been found to date,’ adding that the size and color of the ‘unidentifiable’ spider led them to believe it was a Brazilian Wandering Spider.

The spider is one of Earth’s most deadly creatures. Its bites are believed to be fatal. Bites can cause erection in some people as well as hypothermia, blurred vision, and convulsion.


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