Comedian CuteAbiola Debunks Gifting Car To MohBad’s Father


Popular skit maker Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, known as CuteAbiola, has firmly denied rumors suggesting he purchased a vehicle for the father of the late Afrobeats singer, MohBad.

Reports had circulated on social media claiming that he had given the grieving father a new car as a gesture of support.

The video’s caption read: “Lawyer Kunle just bought a new Lexus car worth 20 million for Mohbad’s dad.”

In an Instagram story post on Saturday, Cute Abiola clarified that he has no connection to MohBad’s father and it’s not within his purview to make such a generous offer.

He also expressed disappointment in the irresponsible nature of the false news and pointed out that MohBad’s father is quick to grant interviews.

He said: “Who are you people for God’s sake? I never bought a car for Mohbad’s dad and I never promised to give him a car. Why will you people sit down and write up stuff to trend without vetting it? Buy a car for Mohbad’s dad for what? And you people know that it does not take the man long to do an interview.”


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