How Commercial Sex Workers Now Lure Men In Malls


Findings have revealed how young ladies suspected to be commercial sex workers now loiter around major shopping malls and highbrow streets in Lagos to lure prospective customers.

It was learnt that ladies in skimpily-dressed usually position themselves in strategic locations within the malls to lure men.

The medium gathered that ladies suspected to be between the ages of 20 and 30 were lurking around the premises of Ikeja City Mall, Festival Mall and Allen Avenue to woo prospective customers.

It was gathered that prices being charged by the sex workers vary from one person to another and other factors such as the duration and the location of the venue.

it was also learnt that a short time romp within the area would cost N15,000, while an overnight stay in a place of choice would cost N30,000, excluding transportation costs.

When our correspondent asked how much it would cost for a weekend, one of the ladies replied, “N50,000 from Friday to Sunday morning. You will pay for my transport fare to your place.”

According to a resident identified as Bukunmi, she claimed young girls used the mall daily to engage in all manner of sexual immoralities.

She said: “There are days that I see young girls doing all sorts of things because of money, especially during weekends. It is sometimes alarming, but there is nothing we can do about it.”

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