Meet Lola Mewu, the Artist Setting A 72-hour Guinness World Record for the Longest Painting Marathon



Nigerian artist Oyinlola Odemewu is 48 hours into her Guinness World Record attempt for the longest painting marathon.

The Lagos-based artist embarked on the journey on October 28, and will be painting until the October 31. Oyinola is attempting to set a new record for the longest painting marathon (72 hours).

The current longest painting record is held by Ronald Palmeart, who painted for 60 hours in 2013.

At the start of her attempt, Lola announced that she had been given the go-ahead by Guinness World Records.

She said in a tweet, “I’m thrilled to announce that Guinness World Records has given me the green light for the longest painting marathon! On October 28–30, 2023, I’ll embark on an incredible journey of creativity and endurance.”

As part of the requirements, Lola has auctioned and sold some of the paintings. A collector at the physical auction commented about his love for how relatable the paintings are. Some of the paintings reenact nostalgic memories of kids playing in a class, family interactions, visiting call centres in the early days of the GSM, parties, and lots more.

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