Nollywood Actor, Natty Bruce Is Dead


Natty Bruce, a Nollywood stunt actor and filmmaker, is dead.

The actor’s demise was announced by Nigerian journalist and lecturer, Shaibu Husseini in a post via his Facebook page.

He said, “I have just been reliably informed that light has dimmed on foremost Nollywood’s ‘martial arts’ actor Natty Bruce…. The green belter was passionate about integrating Martial Arts in Nollywood movies. He also tried to produce a full length Martial Art movie… Good night Oga Natty…… bye bye Sir.”

Details of his passing are still unclear.

Bruce started out in Nollywood as a stunt actor.

In addition to his role as an actor, he was also a stunt coordinator.

He founded his production companies; Natty Bruce Production and Nollyactions Entertainment Ltd.

He also established the Natty Bruce Action Film Academy, where he trains aspiring actors and filmmakers.

He produced several stunt films, including ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘President Must Not Die’, ‘Best Of The Game’, ’30 Days’, and ‘Never End’.

He was also an author who wrote a book titled ‘How To Write, Produce, Direct, And Act A Great Film’.

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