Sacked Plateau PDP Lawmakers Vow To Resume Plenary Tomorrow

Sixteen (16) members of the Plateau State House of Assembly elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), sacked by the Court of Appeal have vowed to resume duty on Tuesday.

The sacked lawmakers said they were the authentic members of the State Assembly voted into office by the people of the State.

Led by the Member from the Bokkos State Constituency, Ishaku Maren, the lawmaker while addressing journalists on Monday in Jos, said, the judgment of the Supreme Court which reinstated Governor Caleb Mutfwang has explained that they were unjustly removed from office hence, the remedy for the wrong done to them is for them to be allowed to return to duty.

According to Maren, “We are the 16 PDP members, of the Plateau State House of Assembly, we are all here to address the press regarding our resumption to duty tomorrow because our recess will be ending today, and by tomorrow, we are resuming work in earnest. We are informing the general public that my members, that is PDP family members in the State Assembly are in high spirits, willing and ready to go back and continue with your constitutional duty willingly given to us by the electorates.

“You are aware that while we were on recess, there were two judgments that were passed regarding the status of State House of Assembly and Plateau State as a whole… Court of Appeal members are deceiving themselves that they are coming to the House tomorrow to resume work but I’m confident to tell you that we are a product of democracy.

“We are validly elected by the majority of votes that were cast in our respective constituencies and our constituents are willing and ready to accompany us tomorrow because they voted for us they are not ready to compromise that and that is why they are seeing us to the State Assembly tomorrow…

“The Court of Appeal said that one cannot put something on nothing, that PDP on the Plateau had no structure and it was on that basis that we were sacked. But when we were in recess, a superior court gave its verdict regarding the same issue and the judgment of the Supreme Court said that the case that was brought before the Court of Appeal in its entirety was fraudulent and the Court of Appeal lacked the jurisdiction to entertain the entire matter and by that, we refer the APC Appeal members that one cannot build something on nothing.

“It shows that the verdict of the Court of Appeal is a nullity and we reject that judgment in its entirety… I want to call on the leadership of this country, our own President, as well as the Head of the Judicial system in this nation, to save our democracy by calling the President of the Court of Appeal to order. Because all that happened within the Court of Appeal is based on her authority and judgment and even the dedicated panel that was dedicated to handle Plateau State matters, it was ill-motivated.”

He added, “It was even in the words of the Supreme Court that it was a miscarriage of justice. The law says that when there is an injury, there must be a remedy… The House of Assembly is supposed to be occupied by validly elected members from the 24 State constituencies. So without mincing a word, we are here to work. We are aware of the efforts of the APC members trying to meet His Excellency, the Governor of Plateau State that some of them are even pleading that they are willing and ready to defect.

“The House of Assembly is meant for those who can win the mandate of the electorate. We know the Governor is a man of integrity, whatever he will do. We are sending the word of appeal to the Governor to resist any attempt, no matter where it is coming from, because we are the people’s members. We are duly elected by our electorates. And we’ve not come across a time that our electorates are even willing to withdraw the support that they have willingly given to us.”

Speaking further, Maren cautioned the APC members to steer clear of the House as legislative duties commence.

Reacting, a former Majority leader of the State Assembly, Na’anlong Daniel from the Mikang State Constituency who is a beneficiary of the Court of Appeals judgment told our Correspondent that, “As at now, we are yet to be communicated. When they resume maybe they will communicate us because we are yet to be inaugurated.”

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