Talolorun’s Arraignment Not Linked To Isese Activism – Counsel, Clerics 

An Isese activist, Adegbola Abdulazeez, a.k.a. Talọlọrun (Who is God), has continued to make headlines following his arrest on Wednesday for allegedly defaming the Emir of Ilorin, Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari and others

Talolorun was arraigned in a Magistrate in Ilorin and ordered to be remanded in prison for 60 days.

Prosecuting counsel, Abdulkadir Ademola Ajasa, who spoke with newsmen after court sessions on Thursday said the activist wasn’t arrested on charges related to Isese activism but for defaming the Emir.


Ajasa said, “This issue does not have a relation to Isese. Before his arrest, the people of Isese visited the commissioner of police on Monday, seeking permission to celebrate the Isese festival in Ilorin.


“The Commissioner of Police told them if permission is granted, it would cause a lot of damage and chaos. They were advised to visit other places in Kwara State to celebrate the festival.


“The reason he was arrested is that he defamed the character of those mentioned earlier and he has always been inciting the public to go against Ilorin based on the atrocity he committed when he burned the Quran. If these things are not handled properly, it could lead to a religious crisis.”


Another cleric, who spoke in court also confirmed the lawyer’s statement saying Taniolorun insulted the Muslim leaders, an act that should not be tolerated.


“Talolorun believes he knows it all. Our Emir and every other leader are not to be disrespected. This needs to be curtailed,” he said.


On the court’s judgment, a blogger and Facebook user who was live at the session, Al Mahbubha, said Talolorun was remanded for 60 days and would be sentenced on October 5.


Speaking in Yoruba, she said, “The case was adjourned to October 5 for judgement. He will remain in prison for 60 days.”


“Just two months. Do you know the vehicle he will be transported to jail in? A black Maria van.


“Share this video, he is being whisked away now,” she continued as a bystander shouted for Talolorun to be beaten as he was led away from court.”


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