‘Why Ladies Should Avoid Butt Enlargement Surgeries – Kanayo O. Kanayo 

Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has cursed any partner who would subject his daughter Uloaku to Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, enlargement operation.

In a video on his Instagram story on Monday, the actor shared a tale of a young woman who eventually passed away from an infection after she was compelled by her boyfriend to undergo the surgery.

Kanayo asked if the surgery were something to write home about, why are husbands not making funds available for their wives to do it.

He argued that whatever stimulated the idea to undergo such surgery is not worth the pain, insisting that “it is not profitable”.

He said, “On this note, anybody in the name of boyfriend who will cause my daughter Uloaku to do bumbum enlargement, holy ghost thunder! May Amadioha from Igbo land combined with Ogun from Ijebu Ode kill that person.

“If this bumbum enlargement was good, why are husbands not paying for their wives to do it?.”

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