2-Yr-Old Boy Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself

A family in Las Vegas is grieving after a child accidentally shot himself in the head over the weekend at the house of a carer.

Local media, KLAS reported on Tuesday that around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, 2-year-old Jaiangelis Stevenson shot himself in the bedroom of a house close to Nellis Air Force Base.

According to the news source, the boy was rushed to University Medical Centre, where doctors declared him dead.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the incident for possible abuse and neglect.

His aunt Paris Box disclosed that Jaiangelis was being watched by a family member while his mother was working when the shooting occurred.

“We would actually call him ‘Blue’ because of his eyes,” she recalled of the youngster.

“He would be like ‘Hi, Ti Ti’ and he would be walking around with his little popsicle.”

The family is working on accepting what happened, Box added.

“A child was shot with someone else’s gun and that is negligence, but I don’t know what happened,” she said.

“Because I know everyone’s heart involved, I don’t have hate in my heart, I’m disappointed a little bit, but I know that was not meant to happen.”

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