Ill-Health: Controversy trails Gov. Akeredolu Video In Hospital

Controversy has trailed the release of the video of the Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, in a hospital abroad by his wife, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu and the Majority Leader of the state House of Assembly, Hon Oluwole Ogunmolasuyi, last weekend.

The wife of the governor posted a picture of herself and the governor on her Facebook page during the governor’s 67th birthday.

Mrs Akeredolu shared the picture on Facebook with the caption “Aketi dey kampe, victory for us” literally meaning the governor is well okay.

Also, the lawmaker representing the constituency of the governor, Ogunmolasuyi, equally posted another picture of himself and the governor where he was exchanging pleasantries with the governor.

Ogunmolasuyi in the video was also briefing the governor on the prayers of the people of the state and how they were eager to have him back after his recovery.

But, a lawyer and rights activist, Kayode Ajulo, in a Statement issued after the video went viral criticized the showing the governor in a hospital receiving greetings from a well-wishers on his birth anniversary.

Ajulo said the clip was a violation of the privacy of the Governor as it portrayed him in a vulnerable state.

According to him, it is essential to prioritize the privacy and dignity of private and public figures, especially when they are facing health challenges.

He said that “Sharing such a video of the Governor in a weakened condition is highly insensitive and uncalled for. Irrespective of the rumour making the rounds, his privacy and integrity must be respected especially during this time of health struggles.”

Ajulo pointed out that a more respectful approach could have been taken, such as arranging a private meeting or a personal video call to convey greetings from the esteemed well-wishers, particularly the Acting Governor, Secretary to the State Government, the Deji of Akure, the Olowo of Owo Kingdom and other dignitaries.

“I maintained that it was a total invasion of the Governor’s privacy and an act of insensitivity towards his well-being. As concerned citizens, we must support him and pray more for his speedy recovery, not exploit his vulnerable state for any purpose.”

The lawyer said that the picture showing him and his wife was sufficient to assure the public of his well-being, noting that crucial health matters are personal and should not be exploited for political or any other purposes, underscoring the need to maintain ethical standards in public disclosure of information and images.

Ajulo, said allowing the governor to be filmed in such a state was unethical and could warrant calls for sanctions against the healthcare providers involved, saying it undermined the trust and confidence usually reposed in them during critical times of illness.

“Critical medical care should be managed with utmost professionalism and sensitivity. It is disheartening that medical practitioners could allow such unethical behaviour.

“Healthcare personnel should be well aware of their ethical obligations to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality because the medical profession prides itself on upholding the Hippocratic Oath, and any breach of this sacred commitment is highly condemned. It is therein appropriate that patient confidentiality and dignity are upheld.”

However, in a swift response, Hon Ogunmolasuyi insisted that the viral video showing Governor Akeredolu in the hospital was released in good faith without any intention of harming the Governor or his family.

Ogunmolasuyi said “As at Friday , he served everyone around him with food and cake without any assistance and he danced to Yinka Ayefele music for more than one hour 30mins and he was on his feet for over two hours without any support.

“He spoke with the entire ninth Assembly assembly via group call. He also spoke with the entire 10th Assembly via group call yesterday.

According to him “He spoke with many people that called his phone to wish him happy birthday yesterday.”

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