Man Dies After Botched Penis Enlargement Attempt

A yet-to-be-indentified 32-year-old German man has died after a catering worker referred to as Torben K, 46, injected his manhood with silicone oil for penis enlargement.

The German reportedly had silicone oil injected into his genitalia by a catering worker who posed as a medic, Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Seven months later, the German succumbed to sepsis after being struck down by a string of health complications.

According to the High State prosecutor, Wolf-Tilman Baumert, Torben K, who advertised his service through an online ad has no medical qualifications. He also performed the surgery in his apartment located in the city of Solingen in 2019.

The victim sought aid from Giessen University Hospital and later spent months in agony in an intensive care ward.

Baumert said, “Unfortunately, the silicone oil ended up in the person’s bloodstream. This led to severe health complications and, eventually, to his death.

“The fact that the man asked for the treatment is irrelevant from our point of view. The defendant acted in a highly immoral manner.”

The trial is currently underway with a verdict expected later this month.

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