Ministerial Nomination: Dismiss Petition Against Stella Okotete, PDP Chieftain, Dr. Samaila AA Rukuba Urges Senate President

Dr. Samaila AA Rukuba, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftainand the Jakadan ZAMAN TARE, has urged the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio to dismiss and disregard petition against a ministerial nominee, Mrs Stella Okotete.

In a statement personally signed by Dr. Samaila AA Rukuba on Monday evening, he described the petition against Mrs Okotete as baseless, weightless and an attempt to deny the Nigerian youths a quality representation in the federal executive Council.

According to him, “It sounds like we are once again expressing support for the “kill them young syndrome” here , Mrs. Okotete and highlighting the importance of recognizing and encouraging young talent, is all we need to do, while appreciating the recognition of a young brilliant egalitarian upcoming colossus, While all specific information about Mrs. Okotete point to honesty and dedication, the petition against her, is generally meant to demean all positive acknowledgements and appropriate the last efforts to destroy her accomplishments. Okotete as a young individuals who excelled in her responsibilities, now chokes some self acclaimed heavy weights.

“Recognizing and promoting young talent can contribute to the overall development and progress of a society. Encouragement and support can motivate individuals to continue striving for excellence and making positive contributions to their fields. Allowing the orchestrated petition against her would further encourage indolence and no commitments.

“It’s also important to remember that in any situation involving allegations or concerns, a fair and thorough investigation is necessary to ensure that decisions are based on accurate information and uphold principles of justice. It’s crucial to strike a balance between recognizing achievements and addressing any legitimate concerns that may arise. However, here the intentions of the Petitioners is to draw blood hook nail and sinker. There is not any basis and therefore such balance of probabilities are completely not available in this petition. Mere opened hate and sustained efforts to rubbish her, preempted the petition.

“Ultimately, celebrating the accomplishments of deserving individuals and fostering an environment that nurtures and supports young talent can contribute to the growth and development of a nation. That is the principle that must be adhered to here.

“Mrs. Okotete should be allowed to enjoy the fruit of her honest service to the nation.
She served under supervision supervisors and principals who did not see any reason to query her, how comes by standers expecting to profit without products now see inauspicious opportunities to derail her? Dismiss that Petition and clear Mrs Okotete as a minister of the Republic of Nigeria.”

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