Mixed Reactions Trail Logos Olori, Davido’s Controversial Video

Davido Music Worldwide (*DMW) label boss, David Adeleke aka Davido, and his signee, Olamilekan Taiwo, aka Logos Olori, have caused a stir online sparking mixed reactions from netizens following the release of the latter’s new record, ‘Jaye Lo.’

A 45-second clip of the new video posted Friday, on Instagram by Davido, has since got tongues wagging. Many Muslim devotees have tagged the video offensive and are now calling for a retraction while also threatening the artiste with a lawsuit.

The controversial scene featured some men depicting praying mallams seen dancing in front of a mosque, instead of praying. This dancing act has since been deemed offensive by some Muslim devotees.

On why this is deemed offensive, Ahmad Ganga, a Personal Assistant in the Federal House of Representatives, stated that Davido and his signee in this scene portrayed Muslims as morons, arguing that the mosque is a praying ground, not a dance club.

Ganga tweeted: “An artist who demonstrated that Muslims play and dance in the mosque instead of performing prayer just to portray Muslims as morons.”

A deep dive into social media registered that the majority of the tweets concerning the controversial video not only lambasted the singer but also threatened his very existence.

Ganga in a prior tweet stated: “First of all, I’ve unfollowed you, reported you, and deleted all your songs from my phone. While I condemn your hateful incitement against Islam and Muslims, I encourage my fellow Muslims to do the same to set standards to prevent future occurrences. Moreover, let’s meet in court!.”

Another Muslim devotee simply identified as Muhammad also called for the artiste to be sued tweeting: “I want to use this medium to urge
@davido to Kindly delete the evil video song he released and apologise to the Muslims around the globe for the damage and wrongdoings he has done. If not, all Muslims should drag him to court and block him instantly. This is total madness.”

Tweeting in support of Ganga, Khalif Arabiu, another Muslim devotee wrote; “Every tweet from Davido’s handle after that sacrilegious video is still unrepentant. It is quite unfortunate. I pity him God’s wrath isn’t something to play with.”

Yaya Abba tweeted: “Davido and this scammer should dare not set foot in the North. We Muslims don’t tolerate disrespect towards our religion. You don’t see Muslims making fun of others, I don’t know why you disrespect ours. We’ll never forget or forgive these two.”

A Muslim news platform, Muslim News Nigeria tweeted: ”Nigerian Muslims are calling on music star #Davido to pull down the music video recently released by his artiste, #Logosolori, or remove the offensive scene where some men, clad in white Jalabias, switched to the dancing mood after observing the #Salat, as they recited Quranic verse.”

Zahra Zaraa Danejo, a Muslim lawyer tweeted; “This stupid boy has no respect for Islam and Muslims. Waste man.”

Sultan tweeted asking the singer to publicly tender an apology. He tweeted: “We Muslims will never tolerate such disrespect, Islam teaches us how to respect each other’s religion, Is either Davido come out and apologise or we will forever be waiting for his foot here in the North.”

In a now-deleted tweet, a Christian also joined in on the conversation, supporting the stance taken by many Muslim devotees. He tweeted; “If we Christians don’t respect our religion, Muslims respect theirs.”

Although Davido has remained mum on the issue, fans and allies have since begun to defend the singer, sharing clips of similar videos shot in predominantly Muslim countries which posed no problems.

Engr Christian tweeted: “Dis is Asake a Yoruba Muslim that used the church to sing the Christian didn’t call the Wrath of God on him cos we understand its entertainment but this idi0ts called Arewa Twitter won’t let Davido breef cos he used mosque. Wrath of Allah is only for almajiri’s make una wake up.”

A Muslim devotee drumming up support for Davido argued that the said video was shot outside the mosque as against inside the mosque, an area deemed sacred. She tweeted: The video Davido promote was made outside the mosque. Why all the Thump.”

Another Muslim devotee Lara Miles tweeted: With all due respect to We Muslims, Islam & Yoruba Muslims, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the music video of Davido signee, Logos Olori. The song “Jaye Ola,” didn’t use any negative words against the religion, thus, I think the attack on Gov Adeleke & Davido is misplaced.”

A data analyst Darey tweeted: You couldn’t cancel POVERTY, CRIMINALITY, TERRORISM, BANDITRY, CHILD MARRIAGE etc, You want to cancel DAVIDO .. Misplaced priorities.”

Orji Okosisi tweeted: “I fit cry if Davido takes down this video. I love to see their premium tears over “disrespect” of their so-called religion. These folks loot NG dry, impoverish their ppl, and murder innocent souls unprovoked, yet, always portray themselves as the most religious ppl in NG. Stup!d.”

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