Outcry In Adamawa College Of Nursing Over Dress Code For Muslim Students

There is an ongoing outcry in Adamawa State College of Nursing and Midwifery over dress code for some female Muslim students.

A representative of parents of Muslim students of the college, Idris Hamza, had written a letter to Muslim bodies telling them of “sanctions against the use of khimar by Muslim female students.”

Khimar or Himar is a form of full head wear used by Muslim women.

In his letter, Ahmed Idris told the MSSN, IMAN, JIBWIS, Muslim Council, MURIC and others that authorities of the college had stationed security personnel at the gate stopping Muslim students wearing khimar.

“It is getting too much and we as parents and Muslim faithful are pushed too hard to the wall,” he stated.

He added that the students were being treated with disdain, and that the “anti-Islamic regime in the college” was making things undesirable.

He claimed that rather than pursuing distinction, the college Provost is waging a war against Muslim students and Islam.

Idris Hamza’s allegation was also projected mainly on social media, causing religious tension within and outside the college located in Yola Town, Yola South Local Government Area.

However, reacting, the Provost of the College, Lami Aminu said the controversy was all about colour and not khimar itself.

She stressed that only students wearing unapproved black khimar could have problems with the management.

She explained that the management deliberated on the use of black khimar by some students other than the white approved by the college for Muslim students.

“There is always a dress code for our students. We sat at the management meeting and agreed for the use of white khimar to match the top white general uniform.

“We did that meeting with many of the officials of all the Muslims students’ unions. We are not here to disdain any religion. The school is not for any religion. It is for academic excellence.”




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