Solid Star Is Really Sick – Brother 

Iniyezo Joseph, brother to singer Solidstar, has called on Nigerians to support Solidstar.

He took to Solidstar’s instagram account on Saturday to disclose the current state of Solidstar.

He mentioned in the video that his Brother(Solidstar) has been suffering mental illness.

He begged whoever Solidstar has offended for forgiveness while asking for assistance to find a solution to his brother’s predicament.

Joseph said: “Hello everyone my name is Joseph Iniyezo. I am Solidstar’s brother. I want to use this medium to let his fans, his friends and colleagues in the industry know that solidstar is really sick. I know you may be wondering why he hasn’t been active. It is because he has been sick and battling a lot mentally, I know he must have offended some of his friends and colleagues but please it’s not his fault he has been really sick. We thought we would be able to solve the issue internally and we tried our best but we need your help now. His friends, his colleagues please we need your help if there is anytime in the world when he needs your help it is now.. thank you all for listening. hope to hear from you guys… thank you…”



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