Doctor Mistakenly Injects Woman With Acid Instead Of Saline

Pennsylvania fertility doctor, Allison Bloom, in a medicine mix-up, mistakenly injects acid into the vagina of a 33-year-old teacher, Christine.

The teacher from Philadelphia on December 19, 2022, was undergoing a routine check of her fallopian tubes for blockages that can prevent pregnancy, Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The ultrasound technician at Main Line Fertility Clinic injected acid into the womb through the vagina of the teacher in a mixture of fluids instead of a saline solution which the procedure requires.

Christine now suffers pain with disfigured genitals and her husband’s dream of conceiving a baby now hangs in the balance.

“Something is off. Something is wrong. Is it supposed to burn? But Dr Bloom ignored Christine’s complaints and told her; ‘No, it’s just saline.’

“It was the worst thing I have ever experienced,” Christine told Philadelphia Inquirer.

The procedure, known as a saline infusion sonogram, only takes 15 minutes. Angry red welts started to appear on Christine’s inner thighs and legs after Dr Bloom finished the procedure and left the room.

Saline and acid are both colourless liquids and would have been indistinguishable to the eye once in a syringe.

The doctor later checked and found that somehow an 85 per cent concentration of Trichloroacetic acid had been injected into the syringe instead of saline.


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