Jaye Lo: Mixed Reactions As Davido Deletes Controversial Video Amidst Backlash

Nigerian music star, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has deleted the much-controversial music video of his signee, Logos Olori, After receiving a lot of negative feedback.

The 45-second video which was posted on Saturday, featured some men wearing white jalabia and caps, and dancing in front of a mosque. Olori also sat on a speaker mounted on the roof of the building. This and the fact that the singer mentioned the word— Alhamdulillah (praise be to God)— did not go down well with some of their fans, especially Muslims, who condemned it.

Davido posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “Allow me to re-introduce Logos Olori with his new single, ’Jaye Lo.’ Let us run it up one time! Let’s take over the world. DMW.”

Davido came under fire from many Muslims on social media after posting the video on his Twitter page.

They accused the singer of disrespecting Islam by mixing their religious rites and rituals with song and dance.

Davido finally caved to pressure and deleted the video two days after receiving criticism, despite the musician having remained largely mute on the subject and offering no formal apologies.

Checks on the singer page on Monday showed that the controversial video had been deleted.

Meanwhile, Some Twitter users have reacted to the latest development.

A Twitter user @Arewa_VAi said, “We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to each & everyone that stand firm to protect our religion on the recent despicable video posted by @davido. This is a forceful reminder to Arewa that we can be stronger if we come together. Thank you Arewa Twitter.”

Another user, @Jibreelkhalil wrote, “Davido has finally succumbed to pressure and deleted the video. What is left of him is to tender an unreserved apology to muslims on a video and publish it on two national dailies with a promise that such a mistake won’t repeat itself again. Else, the dragging continues.”

Bashir Ahmed, @BashirAhmaad, in a tweet, commended the singer for deleting the video.

“It is good to discover that Davido deleted that offensive and hurtful video. Hopefully, the entire scene will also be deleted from the actual footage before releasing it to the market, and we humbly urge that the same grave mistake should never happen again from him or anyone else.

“Nigeria is a beautiful country. It is always amazing when we celebrate the beauty of living in unity and harmony while embracing our differences.

“Let’s strive to listen with empathy, understand with an open heart, and respect each other’s values and beliefs. By doing so, we create a safe space for everyone to express themselves authentically and foster an atmosphere of inclusion.

“Remember, it’s okay to disagree; it’s in these moments that we have the opportunity to learn and broaden our horizons. Let’s engage in meaningful conversations, share our stories, and find common ground, no matter how small it may seem. With love and respect, thank you!”

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