‘Love Is Scam’, Toyin Lawani’s Husband Segun Wealth Cries Out For Help

Nigerian photographer Segun Adebayo, popularly known as Segun Wealth, has cried out for help in a heartbreaking message.

Segun Wealth, in a post on his Instagram page on Sunday, expressed his pain, saying, “Love is pain. I mean, love is a scam.”

He asserted that he had to put on his best smiles in order to maintain a flawless relationship while his heart was ruined.

He, however, added that if he doesn’t tell the public what he is going through right now, the weight won’t be removed.

He wrote, “Love is pain. I mean love is a scam.

‘its just so sad how I try to be big behind my skin every single time for love sake. How much I hear the sound of my blood rushing and I try to calm my emotions.

“Giving my best for love to work, How i put up smile in the public for a perfect relationship. But how long do i really want to do this?.

“Man is not getting any younger for such. Perfect picture, picture video all in the eyes of the public and fans, but the heart is in its ruins. Please dont call me to order if im broken.

“If I dont talk, how will this heaviness be lifted?”

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