UN Celebrates 78 Years Anniversary

The United Nations on Tuesday celebrated her 78 years of existence.

Following the Second World War, the UN was established. On June 26, 1945, the Charter was ratified by nations. After China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States signed the UN Charter in October 1945, the UN was formally established. In 1942, while the country was at war, President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase “United Nations.”

The United Nations Day is an occasion to remember the values that this organization stands for, including the concepts of humanity, unity, and world peace.


The United Nations was established to save humanity from the scourge of war and the fury of destruction following the two world wars and the cold war most notably, to ensure that the human globe would never again be exposed to such instances of tragedy. Since then, it has taken on the pledge, and numerous initiatives to improve a lot of people have been made.

The occasion provided by UN Day, which can be seen annually, allows us to advance our shared goals and uphold the goals and tenets of the UN Charter that have governed us for the past 78 years. Additionally, the day aims to increase global support for the UN’s many operations. To honor the UN and raise public awareness of the UN as an organization, the UN urges its member countries to designate the day as a national holiday.

2023 UN Day Concert

It will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 24. Visit UN Web TV and the official UN YouTube channel to watch the UN Day concert LIVE. On Tuesday, October 24, the Environmental Symphony: The Movement and famous cellist Michael Fitzpatrick will perform at a concert in the General Assembly Hall to honor United Nations Day.

UN Celebration 2023 Theme

The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Tonga to the UN is funding this year’s UN Day Concert, which has as its theme “The Frontlines of Climate Action,” with assistance from the PVBLIC assistance from the PVBLIC Foundation’s Family Offices for Sustainable Development (FOSD).

The UN Day Concert’s theme supports Secretary-General António Guterres’ call for “faster, boulder climate action” and seeks to encourage world leaders in advance of the COP28 climate conference in Dubai later this year and the International Conference on Small Island Developing States in Antigua and Barbuda the following year.

These holidays are occasionally announced by the United Nations specialized organizations, such as UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO, etc. when they relate to matters that fall under their responsibility. The General Assembly might eventually decide to accept some of these. Millions of people around the world find hope in the UN, a worldwide organization. Giving the next generation a better planet is one of its key goals. The UN brings together nations with the ability to affect change on a global scale.

UN 2023 Anniversary Message

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres has addressed the world on this occasion.

According to his speech, “The United Nations is a reflection of the world as it is – and an aspiration of the world we know it can be.

“It is our responsibility to help build that world of peace, sustainable development and human rights for all. I know we can do it. The Charter of the United Nations – which entered into force 78 years ago today – points the way.

“Above all, it is rooted in a spirit of determination to heal divisions, repair relations, and build peace. To expand opportunities, and leave no one behind. To ensure justice, equality and empowerment for women and girls. To provide life-saving relief to those in need. And to be flexible enough to address challenges that did not even exist when the UN was born – from the existential climate crisis to the perils and promise of artificial intelligence.

“The United Nations is guided by timeless values and principles, but it must never be frozen in time. That is why we must always keep strengthening ways of working and applying a 21st century lens to all we do.

“On this United Nations Day, let us commit with hope and determination to build the better world of our aspirations.
Let us commit to a future that lives up to the name of our indispensable organization. We are a divided world. We can and must be united nations.”

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