UNILAG Student Aims for Guinness World Record In Longest Singing Marathon

Rhema Ahonsi, a 27-year-old undergraduate at the University of Lagos, has set his sights on securing a place in the Guinness World Record by attempting the longest singing marathon.

This endeavor follows a recent surge in record-breaking attempts by Nigerians, notably after Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon record.

Chef Baci, who held a cooking record for 93 hours 11 minutes, was later dethroned by Irish chef Alan Fisher. This wave of record attempts also included Chef Damilola Adeparusi and Joyce Ijeoma, a masseuse whose attempt to set a new record for the longest time spent massaging non-stop ended in collapse after over 50 hours.

Ijeoma’s challenge was accompanied by a puff-puff-a-thon and a cry-a-thon by Farominiyi Kemi, who aimed to fry a record number of puff-puff, and Tembu Ebere, attempting to cry non-stop for seven days.

However, Ebere faced serious health issues, including temporary blindness, leading to the denial of approval by Guinness for the cry-a-thon attempt.

Rhema, a 200-level Theatre Arts student, plans to commence his singing marathon on November 25 at LAMP Studio, UNILAG. He aims to surpass India’s Sunil Waghmare, who set the longest singing marathon record at 105 hours in 2012.

To meet Guinness requirements, Rhema must sing continuously for five days, avoiding song repetition within four hours and ensuring each piece lasts at least two minutes.

Accompaniment is allowed, but musicians must take breaks, and no improvisation or jamming is allowed.

Rhema expressed his dedication to singing 1,300 gospel songs, representing Nigeria’s rich musical heritage. He sees this attempt as a celebration of resilience, passion, and the country’s musical spirit. Inspired by the Bethesda School for the Blind, Rhema aims to symbolize determination and overcoming challenges.

Despite facing challenges like inconsistent power supply, Rhema remains resilient, relying on self-encouragement and faith. As he prepares for the task, Guinness World Records emphasizes it accepts no responsibility for participant safety, and Rhema ensures provisions and medical support are in place for the five-day attempt.

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