#BBNaijaAllStars: Netizens react to Frodd, Mercy pool party dance

Netizens have reacted and knocked BBNaija All Stars housemates Frodd and Mercy Eke for dancing sensually during their pool party on Thursday.

A number of netizens on X, formerly known as Twitter expressed displeasure to the dance move especially with Frodd is who married and excepting a child with his wife, Chioma.

Winner of the ‘Pepper dem’ season, Mercy Eke, was not left out as she was also slammed for not respecting Frodd’s boundaries as a married man.

Stating his displeasure from the housemates, Rebel tweeted: “Y’all better dragged these two weïrdos the way y’all dragged TEGA and BOMA !!! This Man’s wife is probably in labor as we speak!!! Yo!!! Mercy Eke & Frodd, y’all disgust me!!!”

Reacting, Faith Mawrie tweeted: “Defend it all you want, but this is disgusting and an act of shamelessness from both Frodd and Mercy Frodd is a married man & friendship has got boundaries Worse still some are saying Frodd’s wife is due for labour this week #BBNaijaAllStars.”

Omolomo also tweeted: “People called Tega an ashawo for what Frodd did because she is married. They’re both married and ought to be responsible; the same thing we bashed Tega for, Frodd should also take heat from it. Isn’t Tega also an entertainer? When the tables turn on men, we find excuses.”

Jaycutie07 also tweeted: “The fact that Frodd is married and not just married, he left a pregnant wife who is about to go into Labour at home for the BBN and he still ain’t doing his best to respect her is a terrible thing to behold.

“Don’t come on the show if you can’t control yourself. What morals are you teaching the people watching u? The other day u and Seyi dy shout say Una be old school but old school won’t do this. How can you be rocking another lady so good on live tv that your pregnant wife is watching? It’s a pity #BBNaija #BBNaijaAllStar.”

X user, Tobiloba, also sharing his opinion on the clip wrote, “And crying aimless cry on national tv claiming you kiss your wife. Mercy wey dey do anything with anybody wey no go care. White money Dey press yansh. Utter disrespect.”

Ugwunna Ejikem also tweeted: “Tega kisses Boma YOU: Such a foolish married woman! Frodd dry-humps Mercy on bikini YOU: His wife permitted him. Stop complaining, are you his wife? He just came to hustle, it’s the game.”

Rebel wrote: “Y’all better dragged these two weïrdos the way y’all dragged TEGA and BOMA !!! This Man’s wife is probably in labor as we speak!!! Yo!!! Mercy Eke & Frodd, y’all disgust me!!!”

Defending their faves, Auracool tweeted: “Mercy Eke the furniture just had a dance with FRODD and the whole Internet BROKE last night and that was just a highlight reel. When it comes to this show, Mercy Eke na dia Mother, she knows how to give y’all the proper show so put some respect on that name #BBNaijaAllStars.”

Unekwuojo also tweeted: “Frodd’s wife who permitted him knew what to expect. Him fit dey rock babes for Quilox like this before going home. It’s just an issue now cos it’s on Love(sic) TV. If na dis kind rocking go make am win ₦120M, why should it be an issue? It’s a reality TV show.”

Frodd’s management, on Friday, released a statement saying that the scene has been misconstrued claiming that he is first an entertainer and his actions should not be taken out of context. They added that it is a game and his commitment to his wife remains steadfast.


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