We’re Dying Of Hunger, Kaduna Women Cry Out

Women in Kaduna State have cried out to president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to come to their aid, saying they are dying of hunger, frustration and depression over hike in prices of food and cost of transportation.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP, Mrs Helen John, a mother of eight and a vegetable seller at the popular Sheikh Gumi Market, lamented the hardship in the country.

Mrs John said her children are also dying of hunger due to the prevailing economic hardship, noting that the hardship is unbearable especially for children.

“For over two months, we have not been eating well, we eat once a day, we feed from hand to mouth, we are living at the mercy of others,” she said.

A widow and mother of five, Aisha Mohammed, who sells beans balls said, “There is serious hunger in the land, there is no money for school fees again, the profit I make in my business is not even enough to pay for transportation fee alone.

“I sell beans balls (akara) but I hardly make up to N500 profit daily, because of the hike in prices of food items and the cost of transportation is high.

“The situation in the country is not encouraging, I don’t think one can survive these challenges because it is so terrible.”

The women therefore appealed to the president to cut down the cost of governance and stop policies that adversely affect poor Nigerians.

They also begged president Tinubu to reverse the fuel price hike, saying that it is an attack on livelihood as they are forced to trek long distances over increases in transportation fare.

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