OAU Lecturer Complains Of Headache, Stress Before He Died – Student

The President, Faculty of Education Students Association of Nigeria, Victor Adesokan, has disclosed that he was with Dr Ayo Ojediran, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education who reportedly slumped in his office the night before his death.

Adesokan said the deceased complained of headache and stress while he was with him, adding that the lecturer appeared very weak.

He noted that Ojediran’s demise is the fourth death among the lecturers in the faculty in the outgoing year, complaining of inadequate academic personnel in the faculty.

He called for the recruitment of more hands to ease the burden of the current staff members.

He said, “On Monday night, he complained of headache and stress. We told him to rest. They (lecturers) have too much workload on them. The school needs to recruit more lecturers most especially that Faculty of Education.

“For example, a lecturer that is supposed to be a level adviser will now be doing the work of 6 to 7 lecturers.

“Throughout last week, they couldn’t rest, all of them almost 70% of them. This is the fourth death that will be recorded this year in that faculty. Government and the school management should stop wasting our lecturers’ lives.”

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