Philippine Police Nab Caretaker For Abducting Eight-year-old Girl In A Suitcase

A Philippine caretaker, Godiflor Rama, 32, has been arrested for abducting a Filipino and Korean nationality eight-year-old girl, Jin Nichole You, in a suitcase.

Nichole was abducted while returning home in the district of Bakilid in Mandaue City, Cebu province.

She was found alive stuffed in the suitcase by her family’s apartment caretaker in the Philippines, Daily Mail reports on Friday.

Her mother, Tyree Rendal, out of curiosity about why she hadn’t returned home at the time, checked the apartment’s security cameras and found an unidentified person in a hoodie inside the property’s gates.

In the footage, the suspect was seen dragging along a large black suitcase believed to have concealed the teenage girl.

Officers at Mandaue City who received a report around 5 pm launched a search for the missing child and tracked down the suspect’s location to an apartment in the same district and arrested him.

Nichole narrated her ordeal to the Women Children’s Protection Desk of the Subangdaku Police Station after their apartment caretaker was apprehended.

While speaking with the media, Rama said, “I hope the family can forgive me for what I did. I only did that because they were accusing me of stealing their belongings, like their bags and hangers.

“I admit that the girl is attractive, but that doesn’t mean that I like her. I did not rape her. I did not sexually assault her.”

However, the police said that the suspect had used his familiarity with the girl and her family to carry out his plan.


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