Outcry As University SUG President Appoints 30 Aides 

Condemnations have continued knock the Students Union President of Akwa Ibom State University, Comrade Abasifreke Benson as he appointed no fewer than thirty aides.

Benson had on Saturday appointed 30 aides for his office for the effective and smooth running of his administration.

While announcing the appointment on his verified Facebook page, he said: “Upon proper investigation and scrutiny, viz-a-viz cum credibility and zeal towards the above Union growth and development, I, hereby offer this appointment to the following persons for effective and smooth run of this administration.”

As a result, the appointments have sparked outcry with critics criticizing the appointments.

While condemning the appointments, the National Legal Adviser to African Action Congress, Inibehe Effiong, described the appointments as a ‘terrible political culture’ that has evolved in Akwa Ibom.

He wrote: “His Excellency, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Students’ Union Government, Akwa Ibom State University, Comrade Abasifreke Benson, has a very important information for the general public.

“I must have missed a lot that year that I served as President of the Students’ Representatives Council (SRC), Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus, without a single aide.

“What will the President of the Union then be doing in view of this long list of “appointees and aides”? I noticed that His Excellency forgot to appoint a Senior Special Adviser and a Special Adviser on Legal Matters.

“There is a terrible political culture that has evolved in Akwa Ibom State; the culture of seeing ‘political appointments’ and proximity to power as the beginning and the end of life.This destructive political culture has infested higher institutions and it is very sad.”

Commenting, an activist, Edeh Kelvin Michael Abundance said “30 appointees for an ordinary SUG president? This is how we gradually raise very incompetent leaders. This is not the spirit of Aluta-continua. This is Aluta Confusion.”

Also, a social media influencer, Uche Paul said, “I thought it was a joke until I traced it here, Nigeria my country,i need to apologize for criticizing tinubu long convoy the other day,make this one governor,he will close every section of road just to pass.”

While condemning the appointment, a social media user, Ray Andrews said “This is uncalled for. All this for ordinary SUG president.Hmmmm.”

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